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A large and complex offshore field in the Middle East was suffering from multiple leaks due to corrosion in the presence of high levels of CO2 and H2S in the production, seawater injection, aquifer water injection and produced water injection systems. This was resulting in excessive chemical injection expenditures and was impacting field revenues and uptime. The large, shallow water field consisted of several hundred wells and a complex hub and spoke infrastructure.

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Inspection Plan Development for Mothballed Equipment

A South American operator developed plans to return a sulfur recovery unit to service after an initial ten years of service and a further ten years of mothballing due to changes in field production requirements.

The corrosive nature of molten sulfur, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the unit, coupled with the expectation of a less than optimum preservation strategy in a littoral offshore environment, generated a large set of integrity risks that needed to be evaluated to determine the feasibility of repairing and reinstating the system for a further ten years of service.

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