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Paraffin Remediation

A GoM operator witnessed increased differential pipeline pressures on multiple production flowlines in a single field. Field history and maintenance projects indicated paraffin and asphaltene deposition. Routine measures to solve this particular flow assurance problem compromised conventional production chemical applications. While such chemical injection and batch solvent treatments provided resolution by retarding deposition, minimal mitigation resulted and no increase of production was achieved.

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Pipeline Surveillance

As a result of paraffin deposition, a GoM operator experienced increased differential pressures in a bulk crude sales pipeline. Historical line maintenance followed normal production chemical treatment. Once pipeline differential pressures reached an alarming level, it was proven that conventional chemical treatment recommendations failed to protect the pipeline or mitigate the ongoing issue. In addition to increasing differential pipeline pressure, depositional shearing became a valid concern and threat to total pipeline plug off.

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Hydrate & Wax Blockage Remediation

A West Africa field operator witnessed an abnormal increase in pressure topsides when the flowline circulation pump was used to pump dead oil into the production line. No increase in subsea pressure was observed. Operational history prior to blockage hinted at the possibility of the presence of one or both wax and hydrate blockages in the production line. Depressurization options were limited by the blocked gas lift line.

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