Corrosion Control

GATE Energy is an industry leader with the extensive knowledge and experience to identify project-specific corrosion control alternatives during design, installation and operations. As a vital part of integrity management, corrosion control options is evaluated considering multiple aspects of the system and troubleshooting of ongoing issues are determined. 


Pipeline Cleaning & In-Line Inspection

GATE Energy suite of technical competencies solves routine and challenging problems demanded by today’s pipeline operations – from liquid gel pigging, product evacuation and chemical cleaning to In-line inspection support, execution, and post-test run analysis. Some of our key capabilities are:

  • Develop and Execute Periodic and/or one time ILI campaign

  • Field project management support for pipeline cleaning and ILI execution

  • Post ILI data evaluation and condition assessment

  • LiquiGel ® Pig Products

LiquiGel ® Pig Products

LiquiGel® pigs are reliable and superior alternatives for pipeline and process operators. Our “unstickable” pig technology demonstrates safe performance when measured against pipeline integrity concerns, or where multi-diameter, barriers to entry and exit, and multi-stage pigging challenges exists. LiquiGel® pigs can maintain excellent temperature and pressure stability over a wide range.

LiquiGel® options include: environmentally safe, mechanical pig replacements and fully-compatible varieties.  We have ready-to-pump solutions as well as concentrate blended on site with suitable diluents.

Blue LiquiGel.jpg

Our LiquiGel ® pigs are ideal for:

  • Mapping Internal Pipeline Geometry

  • Locating Pipeline Restrictions

  • De-watering

  • De-oiling

  • Pipeline Cleaning

Coating & Insulation Services

The cost of coatings maintenance is high, especially offshore.  An operator is likely to spend millions of dollars each year, only to fall farther behind on protective coatings work.  GATE’s protective coatings specialists can turn a losing battle with corrosion into a winning program of action.  With attention paid to the details of life-cycle, the coating process, and proper scope prioritization, we can get your coatings working for you.

We’ll work with you to coordinate the following aspects of coatings remediation to create a pro-active protective coatings program:

  • Painter Qualification

  • Inspector Qualifications & Support

  • Steel Basics – Fabrication Issues Affecting Coatings

  • Decontmination (Oil, Grease, Salts)

  • Preparation & Profile (Grit, Dry Ice, Wet Abrasive, UHP, etc.)

  • QC Testing for All Process Stages

  • Coatings Selection

  • Application & Inspection

  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Remediation and Prevention

  • Internal Coatings for Any Service

  • Project and Program Specifications

  • Coatings Inspection Services

  • Alternative Coatings (Metallization, CNT Epoxies)

Always remember – you don’t get what you spec; you get what you inspect.  And strategically located inspections are a critical part of a successful paint program. 

The cost of maintaining coatings is significant in any case. Together we’ll do it right and make it count.


Cathodic Protection Design, Installation & Surveillance

GATE’s industry-renowned expertise on cathodic protection (CP) provides the right solutions for CP design, installation, maintenance and monitoring services. GATE’s well-established knowledge and significant experience in design and in field through PDI serves the industry in the areas of:

  • CP System Design, Specification, Review and Validation
  • Attenuation and Interference Studies
  • Anode Specification and Vendor Facility Inspection & Auditing

Surveys and System Troubleshooting

  • Close Interval Survey (CIS): Interrupted, Depolarized/Static
  • Direct and Alternating Current Voltage Gradient Surveys (DCVG / ACVG)
  • Annual Potential Survey
  • Soil Resistivity
  • Depth of Cover
  • GPS
  • NACE Certified Personnel


  • Tank Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Ground Bed (Deep Well, Conventional, Sacrificial)
  • Rectifier (AC, Solar, Air Cooled, Oil Immersed)
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • AC Mitigation Systems
  • Permanent Reference Electrodes
  • Test Station
  • Resistance Bonds
  • External Corrosion Coupons

Right-Of-Way Maintenance

One Call Response

  • Dig site locating and marking

  • On-Site Supervision

Maintenance & Repair

  • Ground Beds, Anodes and Components

  • Rectifiers

  • Test Stations

  • Bonds & Junction Boxes

Right of Way & Facility Services

  • Mowing

  • Vegetation Control

  • Damage Prevention

  • Line Locating & Marking

  • Line Marker Placement / Replacement

  • Signage Installation / Repair