GATE Quality Management Policy

The GATE Quality Management philosophy is based around delivering services and projects in compliance with all necessary requirements and in fulfilment of the GATE Vision and our overall commitment to Do It Right The First Time.

Quality Management is a foundation of our success that must be inherent in every aspect of our day to day activities if we are to deliver projects safely, as promised, and in a way that positions us as the Thought Leaders and Preferred Partners in the markets that we serve. 

This outcome will only be achieved if we adhere to the overarching principles of the GATE Quality Management process, hold an open and receptive attitude to continual learning and improvement, and adopt a no compromise attitude to Quality Management that is unaffected by outside forces such as the pressure of tight deadlines, staffing constraints or budget limits.

Our Quality Management Process incorporates ongoing training, mentoring, auditing and assessment to ensure that all of our staff fully appreciate the importance of quality to the GATE Vision and have the correct tools, knowledge and support to consistently Do It Right The First Time.


Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy Statement

GATE, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies are committed to the safety, security, health of our employees and protection of the environment. These are the fundamental responsibilities of each employee. GATE management believes that no aspect of the Company’s operations is of greater importance. Every executive, manager, supervisor, and employee is expected to be committed to the fulfillment of the GATE HSSE policy objectives while providing best-in-class products and services to our customers onshore or offshore.

This statement of policy is the foundation that supports our entire HSSE Management System. It established our management philosophy with regard to HSSE values, as well as a shared vision that safety and the protection of the environment is a personal responsibility in the performance of their duties. No aspect of anyone’s job is more important. We are therefore committed to the following:

  • Compliance with all applicable HSSE legislation, regulation, and relevant industry standards of practice concerning protection of health and safety of its employees in the work place and other persons affected by its business activities and the prevention of environmental pollution.

  • Visible management commitment, communication and training to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the protection of the environment.

  • Systems are developed and implemented to identify, assess, monitor, review and control HSSE impacts related to our business activities. Toward that end, periodic audits and reviews of HSSE systems and performance will be conducted.

  • Measurable goals are to be established and reset each year promoting continual improvement toward hazard elimination, ZERO injuries, ZERO illnesses, and the prevention of pollution.

  • Provide the necessary training and education to enable our employees to understand and perform the roles and responsibilities included with their job duties.

  • All personnel are charged with the responsibility to make timely corrective actions where any conduct or condition may serve to jeopardize the safety, health or well-being of any employee, customer or contractor.

  • All employees and contractors must recognize that safety and environmental protection is a condition of employment and that they are responsible for their safety, the safety of those around them, and for the protection of the environment surrounding their work area.

We ask for your full cooperation and support in the full implementation of our Company’s health, safety and environmental policies.                                                                                        

Grant Gibson, Founder and CEO