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Human First Campaign

Our “Human First” campaign defines our social footprint, in our community and beyond. Our legacy to the communities we work in, to our clients, and to our employees is directly proportional to our growth, our success, and the things we choose as investments. “Human First” will help forge and align our principal business values. Our endurance: to be a socially responsible and ethical organization.

In order to endure this responsibility, GATE Energy strongly believes in giving back—to people, aligned causes, and worthwhile needs. Our philanthropies include, but are not limited to, education, children’s health initiatives, environmental sustainability, charitable organizations, and volunteerism of time and resources. Our goal is to encourage our company’s actions towards the positive impact of the consumer, community, and employee responsibility. To this end we will endure our devotion to excellence.

Hurricane Harvey

GATE Energy has mobilized resources to support recovery and relief efforts in the Houston areas affected by Harvey. These efforts will focus on providing food, clothing, sundry supplies and temporary housing to any affected by the storm. We will also work with local authorities if you are in need of evacuation.

If You Have Been Affected by Hurricane Harvey

If you have been affected by hurricane Harvey, please email Grant or Megan and let them know how we can help or fill out the email below.

Name *

Or send an email to either of the following with the form information:

You can also contact us directly by calling or texting and we’ll do our best to respond:

  • Grant Gibson                     (832) 603-0467

We will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible. You can see a list of all the Red Cross Shelters. If anyone you know is in need of boat rescue, Barrett Broussard has a network of folks that are already conducting rescue efforts. You can contact him at:

  • Barrett Broussard     (281) 414-4011

Tangible Donations

Several employees have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and its rising waters, ranging from minor damages to total loses of their homes and vehicles. Aside from needing help with cleanup, we know that they will need basic items to get their lives back on track.

If you have anything from the wish list below that you can donate, please let us know by filling out the form below or by emailing Megan Soltura at We will continue to update this wish list of needs. 

Wish List

  • Wish List to Come*

Donate Form

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Monetary Donations

GATE Energy will also be accepting donations for those in need of food, clothing and other necessities. If you would like to donate to the fund, you can use the Paypal Donate link below. Anything you can offer would be appreciated.

We are also accepting Cash or Checks via your Human Resources Department.

  • Make checks out to your home company, referencing in the memo: Human First / Hurricane Harvey.
  • You will receive a receipt.
  • Each week, a check will be written from your home company to the Human First Campaign.
  • Funds will be given to those affected, by the Human First Campaign