Job Posting: Junior Developer


The Junior Developer is a staff position in the Systems Completion group who assists with the ongoing development, maintenance and support of the GATE Completion System (GCS) and other GATE systems and applications.

Roles and Responsibilities:

·   Assist and conduct software development under direction of Systems Completion Manager in accordance with the development strategic plan

·   Provide technical guidance / support and end-user training to GATE Commissioning project teams (as required)

·   Assist with integration of GATE Completion System (GCS) with other Company department and processes

·   Assist with database administration tasks in support of implementation, development, synchronization and updates to GATE applications

·   Assist with server configurations and system design on individual and multiple server array environments

·   Contribute and support multiple concurrent projects

·   Technical troubleshooting and problem resolution

·   Undertake training to continuously improve the capabilities of GATE systems

·   Develop concepts, evaluate data and work towards practical solutions

·   Assist with implementation of disaster recovery procedures

·   Assist with database performance assessments and identification of problem areas

·   Support database performance by monitoring, evaluating and resolving processing and programming issues

·   Assist in development of GCS training programs

·   Work with project teams for the successful implementation of the systems completion philosophy

·   In conjunction with systems completions leads, manage all engineering data updates / changes via the change control procedure 

·   Provide assistance with systems completion metrics (i.e.: “MC/PC” check sheets progress, system handovers, outstanding punch items lists, etc.)

·   Assist with development and maintenance of GCS user manual / ‘help’ documentation and training modules

·   Communicate with all relevant personnel to maximize the effectiveness of GCS, the Systems Completion Process and GATE Commissioning teams

·   Ensure CPD actions are executed

·   Present at monthly meetings and lunch and learn sessions

·   Responsible for adhering to GATE policies and procedures in a positive manner

·   Proactively work to create positive and professional culture within GATE

·   Continue to update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading technical publications

·   Other duties as assigned

Requirements - Experience/Education:

·   Information Technology professional certification required

·   Extensive knowledge of object (component) oriented development / relational database software (i.e.: SQL Server)

·   Solid technical knowledge on .NET (C#, ASP)

·   Knowledge on Javascript, XML, HTML, PDF, etc.

·   Analytical / problem solving skills

·   Knowledge of networking architecture

·   Experience with cloud services (Azure, AWS) preferred

·   Minimum 2 years’ related database programming experience preferred

·   Strong coordination, organization and team communication abilities

·   General understanding of management of work systems and best practices procedures

·   Effective interpersonal skills with ability to communicate / manage well at all levels

·   Ability to promote and manage client relationships

·   Ability to manage quality and time on discrete scopes of work