Ask the Expert: Blockage Remediation

Ask Expert - Barrett Broussard.jpg

We asked each of our blockage remediation specialists just what it takes when dealing with blockages. Barrett Broussard is a Technical Advisor with BlueFin’s Pipeline & Process Team.

What’s your proudest accomplishment with regards to blockage remediation?

My proudest moment has to be the first time we utilized Gel Pigs to map the internal deposit severity of a flowline and found localized restrictions. We were able to target treatments with much smaller volumes of chemical and save the client significant money. It was a great feeling   of service and accomplishment.

What big numbers/results have you helped your Clients achieve?

I have worked on lots of complicated blockage problems, and as everyone studying this field knows, their complex. I have contributed to re-establishing thousands of barrels per day of lost production over the last few years. When the projects are a success, everyone wins.

What’s the most difficult challenge you have had to deal with when it comes to blockage remediation?

We remediated a flowline in which was 95% plugged. We had to take a multi-phased approach  involving simultaneous operations of pumping from Platform and SSTI. We received over 300 bbls of deposit in a flowback from the deck of a DSV.

How would you describe your team and the people that you work with?

My team is innovative and determined.  I love technical challenges. We continue to help and work along side multi-disciplined teams to develop strategies that drive results by developing technical contingencies to complex problems.