Ask the Expert: Blockage Remediation

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We asked each of our blockage remediation specialists just what it takes when dealing with blockages. Sampath Bukkaraju is one of our lead engineers with GATE Energy’s Flow Assurance Team.

What’s your proudest accomplishment with regards to blockage remediation?

My proudest feat comes from a recent blockage remediation in West Africa. After a handful of phone conversations, we wereable to eliminate some of the preconceived notions from the Client’s mind on the nature of the blockage. We were then able to align the whole team on the blockage remediation strategy that needed to be adopted, whicheventually lead to successful blockage remediation.

What big numbers/results have you helped your Clients achieve?

I believe the most notable savings come from doing independent engineering assessments first before any mobilization and execution begins.

On a couple of recent remediation projects, we were able to save the Client the added expense of mobilizing external vessels. In both the projects, we were able to remediate the blockage using the existing facilities saving millions of dollars for the Clients.

What’s the most difficult challenge you have had to deal with when it comes to blockage remediation?

Several remediation options that I come up with are both time and cost effective, on paper. But the key challenge is the “feasibility/viability” of the option.

Depending on the facility layout, intervention points, urgency of the issue and the available resources, selecting the feasible and fit-for-purpose options from the available options is the most challenging task.

How would you describe your team and the people that you work with?

My team is extremely knowledgeable and each one of us brings varied expertise to the table.
We brainstorm, debate, and challenge each other to come up with the best solutions to the problem on hand. That helps us to come up with fit-for-purpose solutions to meet our customer’s needs and budget.