GATE Energy Service Lines


GATE Energy is a family of companies that provide scalable, fit-for-purpose services for the energy sector including project delivery, engineering, commissioning, field services, operations and staffing services. Our expertise and knowledge is supported by subject matter experts, proprietary equipment and software across all of the GATE Energy service lines.

We offer services that fill the needs of the following oil and gas markets:

Offshore Markets

  • Offshore Drilling & Completions

  • Subsea Infrastructure

  • Topsides & Production

  • FLNG

  • Offshore Pipelines

Onshore Markets

  • Onshore Drilling & Completions

  • Onshore Production

  • Onshore Pipelines

  • Refinery, LNG, GTL & Petrochemical

  • Power Generation

Well, Rig & Completions


GATE Energy continues to provide the upstream oil and gas industry with the most thorough wellbore design and analysis solutions that meet customer’s needs from initial pre-planning through abandonment.

Through Viking Engineering, we have worked with over 250 major and independent oil and gas operators around the globe on critical wells. 

We can help with HPHT, deepwater, shale, corrosive, or other challenging well designs and completions. From onshore to shelf and deepwater, our engineering expertise can ensure that your drilling and completion project works right the first time.

The Well Engineering & Completions teams work heavily with the Project Delivery & Engineering teams and Field Services teams.

Project Delivery & Engineering


The GATE Engineering team promotes a systems-level view of engineering problems. Taking a larger view of the interactions and intricacies of the system as a whole enables us to develop an optimized solution that crosses many different disciplines and boundaries. This takes personnel with a broad knowledge of production systems and the challenges involved in designing, constructing, commissioning and operating them.

Our goal is to provide engineering solutions to the oil and gas industry that allow clients to make informed financial decisions. We aim to provide these solutions through the high caliber of our staff and strong relationships with our customers. We take on projects at any stage from design of new developments to troubleshooting of mature fields. 

Our expertise in project management and engineering enables us to provide balanced oil and gas services to our clients that ensure the interfaces between various disciplines are adequately recognized and addressed. This results in smoother facility start-ups, and increased whole-life value for existing developments.

The Engineering team works heavily with the field services, commissioning, drilling and completions service teams.



Due to the complexity and multitude of disciplines that encompass capital developments, effective planning is imperative in order to achieve first production in the safest and fastest way possible.

In order to ensure a flawless initial startup, effective interfacing between key engineering areas is critical and must be maintained throughout the life of the project.

In GATE Energy’s experience, major issues are often not detected until the initial startup of projects, causing deferred production and consequently many expensive changes. The Commissioning team gets involved early in the design process and applies a systems-wide engineering approach that negates many of the potential issues encountered during commissioning and initial startup, which minimizes cost and schedule impacts.

The Commissioning Team works heavily with the Project Delivery & Engineering team and the Field Services team.

Commissioning Services

  • Planning & Commissioning Management

  • Interface between Construction & Commissioning

  • Mechanical Commissioning

  • Electrical Commissioning

  • Instrumentation Commissioning

  • Regulatory Commissioning

Equipment Resources & Solutions

Proprietary SoftWare

Other Related Service Lines

Field Services & Operations


From flowline and pipeline blockage remediation to staffing and running productions, GATE Energy is focused on bringing our customers increased uptime on their facilities.

We have have created a culture change around standard operating procedures that are more user-friendly and diligently used by operators to ensure safer facilities.

We have turnkey services that are scalable to provide only the services you need including Integrity Management and Flowline Blockage Remediation.

Our Project Management & Engineering and Field Service Teams work together diligently to provide the best options in flowline blockage remediation and continually develop new technology to fight tomorrow's challenges.

Our teams work hard to make sure your facility continues to work right the first time.