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Reservoir Souring Prediction

There are many production reservoirs that produce high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Some of these fields know before initial production that there will be high levels of H2S and thus are able to design and manage accordingly; however, some fields will begin producing an increasing amount of H2S following water injection. These fields are more difficult to manage and require a means of prediction to help make cost-effective project decisions. At GATE Energy, we have the technical knowledge and experience to apply our own approach to souring prediction which can enable design and operational decisions to be made to mitigate the risks associated with such H2S production.

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Fit-For-Purpose Integrity Management of Seawater Injection Systems

There are many projects that leverage water injection or waterflood (WF) as a secondary recovery tool to increase oil production returns. Many of these projects’ economic viability is intrinsically linked to the ability to inject large volumes of water into the reservoir as a means of oil drive and pressure maintenance. For these fields, it is vital that the integrity of the water injection system is maintained through fit-for-purpose material selection and asset integrity management processes.

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