Pipeline Cleaning Services

Our pipeline cleaning solutions deliver crucial benefits to current systems—upstream, midstream, and downstream. Through the delivery and refining of hydrocarbon energy processes, naturally occurring hydrocarbon byproducts such as scale, black powder, asphaltenes, and paraffin wax are normal constraints facing operators and causing a multitude of integrity issues, starting with flow assurance restrictions, structural integrity concerns, ILI determination, and product contamination, to name a few.

Through the use of custom chemistry, advanced diagnostics, mechanical techniques, and field history we have the operational depth to solve your internal pipeline cleaning challenge and ensure flow assurance. We provide:

  • Pipeline Cleaning

    • Gel Pigs

    • Mechanical Pigs

    • Pig Tracking Support

    • Pig Sales

    • Online Cleaning

    • Internal Camera Inspection

  • Pipeline Deposit Mapping

    • Electronic Data Acquisition

    • Internal Pipeline Mapping

    • Measurement of solids and restrictions

Pipeline Cleaning Services provided by BlueFin.