Downhole Chemical Injection Services

Chemical delivery and production optimization are critical paths for operators. In order to achieve this production value, accurate chemical management and data acquisition systems must be in place. Chemical injection systems provide operators with precise wellbore chemical management protocols. When installed in conjunction with production tubing, chemical injection systems can be placed at optimal depths to ensure chemical management integrity.


  • Paraffin/Wax

  • Asphaltene

  • Corrosion

  • Scale

  • Foaming

  • Emulsions


  • Spooling Units

  • Spooling Trailer Units

  • Sheaves & Spreader Plate Assemblies

  • Protector Installation Kits

  • Hydraulic Pressure Units

  • Data Acquisition Units


  • Chemical Injection Mandrels

  • Chemical Injection Valves

  • Control Line

  • Cross Coupling Protectors

  • Surface Chemical Injection Packages

Services provided by BlueFin.

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