Integrated Marine Risk Management

The planning associated with the operation of Marine Systems should be based on managing exposure to the consequences of mal-operation, in addition to standard marine risk management objectives.

GATE Energy strives to influence the industry, raise industry standards and assist in delivering incident-free execution of projects by providing an effective means to address lack of skills, dilution of skills, and lack of experience prevalent in a rapidly expanding Industry.

  • Rig Acceptance Trials

  • Well Specific Operating Guidelines

  • Activity Specific Operating Guidelines

  • Activity Marine Operating Guidelines

  • FMEA Gap Analysis

  • DP Annual Trials Gap Analysis

  • FMEA Trials Gap Analysis

  • Crew Competency PDDP2

  • Frequency Management Plan

  • Riser Analysis

  • Thruster and Generator Operating Strategy

  • Incident Investigation

  • Testing and Operational Support

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