Multi-Line Systems Services

BlueFin's Multi-line Spooling Services (MLS) provides the mechanical solution between surface control systems and downhole completion equipment. This completion service consists of a variety of fit-for-purpose mechanical components that enable the proper installation of single line or multi-line flatpacks.

Our equipment fleet is built and maintained according to our company QMS program and industry standards. Combined with our years of field expertise and management leadership, BlueFin is a capable service provider for offshore operators.


  • Multi-line Systems

  • Intelligent Completions

  • Installations

  • Retrievals

  • Fluids Examination (SAE & NAS)

  • Particle Counting


  • Control Line(s)

  • Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC)

  • Cross Coupling Protectors

  • Chemical Injection Systems


  • DNV Spooling Units

  • DNV Sheaves & Spreader Plate Assemblies

  • DNV Safety Spool Baskets

  • DNV Filtration Units

  • DNV Control Cabins

  • Protector Installation Kits

  • Hydraulic Pressure Units

  • Data Acquisition Units

Services provided by BlueFin.