Onshore Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing remains an industry standard pre-commissioning and commissioning practice that is a heavily regulated requirement for all branches of the oil and gas industry. As important, hydro testing is also one of the only methods available for crack assessments allowed by PHMSA regulations. These requirements rest upon operating infrastructure such as transmission pipelines, production flowlines, inter-connecting process piping, and refinery components. These important arteries enable the delivery and market availability of hydrocarbon energy. This network of delivery means that integrity is paramount for safety and proper system function.

BlueFin incorporates the best-controlled pressure equipment, the latest monitoring technology, and a strong bench of personnel talent combined with project history to deliver safe and successful hydrostatic pressure testing projects. Our team has the capabilities to plan and conduct all aspects of hydrostatic testing.


  • Pipelines

  • Processing Facilities

  • Refining Facilities

  • Petrochemical Facilities

  • LNG facilities

  • Pressure Control Equipment

  • BOP’sOffs

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