Onshore Pipeline Flow Assurance Engineering

At GATE, Flow Assurance engineering and modeling is designed to assist in project decision making, especially in the following areas:

  • Multiphase Flow Modeling Steady-State and Transient Modeling

    • Line Sizing and Thermohydraulics Studies

  • Chemical Systems

    • Chemical Injection Systems, Chemical Qualifications and Screening

    • Integrating Production Chemistry to Flow Assurance Related Issues

  • Materials Engineering

    • Materials Selection and Requirements

  • Production Chemistry

    • Fluid Compatibilities, Emulsion Treatments, Foaming Control

  • Integrity Assurance

    • Corrosion Modeling, Erosion Modeling, Scale Modeling, and Souring Modeling

  • Operations and Procedure Development

    • Operating Guidelines and Specialized Procedures

Onshore Pipeline Flow Assurance Engineering Services provided by GATE, Inc.