Water Injection Engineering

The primary focus of the GATE Water Injection Team is to provide systems engineering solutions to waterflood design, commissioning, and system operability. We focus our core areas of expertise of materials, corrosion, production chemistry, and flow modeling coupled with field experience involving multiple water injection system start-ups to arrive at a design which will achieve reservoir engineering expectations.

The work process begins with understanding the water chemistry – which drives the souring, scaling, and corrosion aspects of the design. Understanding the voidage replacement requirements, expected availability of the system – the topsides throughput can be arrived at, and then working with completions a topsides pressure estimate is calculated. This information begins to form the basis of design in which novel technologies can be identified such as high pressure pumps or Oxygen Removal units.

Overall, GATE is instrumental in bringing definition to the project based on system engineering principles, time tested production chemistry, true offshore commissioning & startup experience, and operational flow assurance techniques.

The GATE Waterflood Team focuses on:

  • Souring, Scaling and Corrosion Modeling

  • Material Selection

  • Water Injection System Design and Selection

  • Integrated Flow Modeling and Water Injector Performance

  • Thermal and Fracture Modeling

Services provided by GATE, Inc.