Subsea Decommissioning

Decommissioning and abandonment practices are critical for the protection of the environment. Planning for the disposal of equipment, sealing of the well safely, and recycle and reuse purposes must be performed within the regulation authority.

  • Planning & Management

    • Subsea Infrastructure and Pipeline Decommissioning

    • Reuse, Recycle, Disposal Planning

    • Provide Abandonment Options

    • Permitting

    • Expertise in the Corps of Engineers Rigs to Reef Program

    • Contractor Bid Preparation / Analysis

    • Provide Offshore Quality Control of Contractor Activities

    • Assist in Project Planning, Development and Coordination of Removal Procedures

    • Perform Cost Estimating on Asset Retirement Obligations for Shallow Water and Deepwater Installation

  • Oversight

    • Provide Offshore Quality Control of Contractor Activities

    • Monitor Contractor Safety

    • Provide Daily Cost Accounting & Reporting