Why Work for GATE Energy?


Our vision at GATE Energy is to create a healthy, respectful and competitive work environment for our staff such that they are given an opportunity to work in their field of interest as well as to fully expresses their talents.

Our goal is to make sure that each of our employees is nurtured to handle their own projects and deliver quality product to our clients. As our employees are our most valuable asset, we make a concerted effort to provide all the benefits we can including healthcare, educational support, retirement plans, etc.

The opportunities are endless. Diversity in learning, experiences, multiple project work, and interaction with the best in the business are all made available at GATE Energy. The highly skilled workforce coupled with the coolest projects in the industry makes it an unbelievable experience. The benefits provided at GATE Energy are some of the best in the business.

Unique Opportunity for Project Responsibility

GATE provides a unique opportunity for new hires to obtain important project responsibilities quickly. The nature of work at GATE allows employees to interact/communicate with clients at a very early stage in his/her career.

“Within two months of starting at GATE I was able to not only attend, but participate in meetings with clients. There is no way, if I was working for another company or even the client that I would be able to sit in the same meeting surrounded by that level of people.
— Mark Myhre, joined GATE August 2008

GATE offers challenging and non-routine work that will meet the employee’s satisfaction. Being a company managed by engineers, it is expected from everyone in the Company to participate in business development and in developing the management strategies in order to continue to further grow and improve the Company.

My time as a summer intern at GATE was rewarding, informative and fun. Compared to the experiences of my friends who are interning in the industry, I felt like I learned more and was exposed to more. The work was fast paced and exciting. You will never be bored at GATE.

The staff is knowledgeable and fun to work with and be around. The office chemistry is great, they made me feel like I was part of their family even though I was only there for the summer.
— Cody Davidson, Engineering Intern for Summer 2012

Investing in Our People

Servant Leadership.png

With investment in our staff being the core focus of our organization, GATE Energy provides a unique foundation and opportunity to become leaders in their chosen fields. 

Adopting a servant leadership mentality within our organization allows GATE Energy to fundamentally understand how best to serve our staff and our Clients. 

By taking this opportunity to train and reproduce quality leadership among staff, GATE Energy believes that a critical foundation for the next influencers of the industry has been set for continued success.

Large Emphasis on Continued Learning

GATE Energy is a growing company which enables it to be creative and develop novel approaches for technical problems and development of the Company as a whole. Each employee is encouraged to bring something unique to the table and choose their career path focused on the area they are interested within the Company’s vision and scope.

GATE Energy strongly encourages individual knowledge growth by supporting each employee’s technical interests. The sharing of company resources, be it a book, paper, presentation, or explanation of experience, plays a major role in this.

Complete “Open Door” Policy

There is no easier way to learn than to ask questions. GATE Energy’s open door office environment enables employees to walk down the hall and find support and guidance from any co-worker, from top to bottom, Company President to latest new hire.

Friendly, Family Oriented Culture

GATE Energy is focused on the well-being of its employees and their families. GATE Energy hosts a series of family-friendly employee get-togethers throughout the year to encourage an extended family atmosphere. GATE Energy is also actively involved in the local community helping less fortunate families, children and local schools.

GATE Energy fosters an informal working environment that is also respectful of our coworkers and Clients.

Through my summer internship, I not only gained great experience in the offshore oil & gas business, but was made a part of the GATE family from day one.
— James Koy, Engineering Intern for Summer 2012

Clearly Defined Company Vision

Management presents company goals, recruiting outlooks, and future plans very clearly, allowing each employee to know exactly where GATE Energy has been and where it is headed.

Competitive Employee Compensation

Compensation packages are benchmarked across the industry and published salary surveys for the consulting and oil and gas industries.