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GATE Prho™

Multiphase flow simulator designed to allow non-expert users to build and run field-scale thermohydraulic models

GATE Prho™ is a multiphase flow simulator designed to allow non-expert users to build and run field-scale thermohydraulic models.  Simplified, robust models are included for fluids (oil, water and gas), reservoirs, wells, artificial lift methods, multi-phase pumps, choke valves, flowlines and risers. These simplified models permit rapid modeling suitable for scoping studies.

Should a more detailed analysis be required, GATE Prho™ also provides rigorous modeling features which allow practicing engineers to perform more extensive modeling exercises. After set-up, the model can be used for facility design and/or for optimizing operating fields.

Most fluid flow problems can be effectively addressed via simpler models. GATE Prho™ is designed for these cases. It’s the 80/20 solution.
— Howard Duhon, P.E. - Senior Chemical Engineer

Models in Minutes with a Systems Focus

Fit-for-purpose Modifications, Seamless Integrations & Unified Models

GATE Prho™ allows fit-for-purpose modifications. With a systems focus, open-ended computer code and customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI), GATE Prho™ can be modified to meet specific needs and/or analyze unique production designs. It captures essential field and design properties to successfully develop oil and gas systems such as flow assurance, reserve potential, integrity assessment, and breaks the silos that typically exist in a typical field-scale modeling effort.

Several examples of GATE Prho™’s seamless integrations with industry’s state-of-the art technologies include:

  • The integration of robust optimization algorithms
  • Corrosion models, valve testing protocols
  • Erosion models
  • Paraffin deposition models
  • Transient reservoir modeling in unconventional reservoirs, or, Time-lapse Nodal Analysis (TLNA).

GATE Prho™ employs rigorous mechanistic unified multiphase flow, heat transfer, Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) models, benchmarked with field data and experimental results. This unique solution has been a major game changer in simplifying complex multiphase flow problems with the ability to maintain the accuracy of the results as well as to capture the physical aspects of fluid flow.

GATE Prho™ Features

GATE Prho™ features multiple tools and modules to help build rigourous models in minutes. Now, you don't need to be an expert to build a customized field model to meet your specific needs - whether it's onshore or offshore, conventional or uncoventional. GATE Prho™ helps you make your project work right the first time!

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Implementation Examples

GATE GATE Prho™ has been successfully implemented worldwide for both onshore and offshore facilities. Its multipurpose nature has led to a wide range of applications from production optimization to integrity assessments.

rigorous Surface-controlled Subsurface Safety Valve (SCSSV) test analysis

GATE GATE Prho™ has been used on Gulf of Mexico assets to promote safer well operations through one of its features: rigorous Surface-controlled Subsurface Safety Valve (SCSSV) test analysis. It improves the commonly used SCSSV test protocol in the industry by accounting for the effects of liquid-gas interface existence in the wellbore, wellbore cooldown and suspected leakage through Underwater Safety Valve (USV) during the SCSSV test.  It helps the operator to accurately detect SCSSV malfunction.

Determining Production Efficiency & Avoiding Flowline Blockages

Another application of GATE Prho™ is determining the potential production efficiency increase of a parallel dual flowline system in Ghana deepwater, West Africa. It determines the system’s effectiveness and detects the potential flow assurance issues such as flow instability and paraffin deposition. This helps the operator determine the optimal way to operate the asset and avoid the flowline blockage risk.

Corrosion Modeling & Asset Integrity Management

The integration of GATE Prho™ with corrosion modeling has been utilized in both conventional and unconventional wells to assess the asset integrity. In Haynesville, Texas, it has been utilized to investigate the production tubing failures. The study outcomes are used to prevent future tubing failure could have led to significant revenue losses and safety concerns. In a Gulf of Mexico asset, it has been used to identify the potential areas of severe corrosion in the flowlines for targeted inspection.

Time-lapse Nodal Analysis (TLNA)

The seamless coupling of GATE Prho™ and transient reservoir modeling has been applied in a Niobrara shale well to develop the Time-lapse Nodal Analysis (TLNA) in unconventional plays to optimize the production. It predicts the well performance, analyzes the proppant effectiveness and evaluates the artificial lift method. With high number of wells in most unconventional plays, it promotes faster field-scale optimization and reduced cost by increasing the leverage achievable with limited data and modeling time.