Scalable Asset Optimization & Management


Making Sure Your Asset Runs Efficiently

Combining Engineering, Field Work To Design & Optimize Asset Operations

Extensive knowledge and experience is required not only to fully understand how an asset should work, but also to know how to maintain efficient working conditions. Each facility is different, presenting new and unique challenges.

In order to tackle these challenges, GATE Energy has a centralized Asset Management Team that combines the multidisciplinary engineering and field workforce to provide design and operational support focusing on the integrity management, flow assurance management and process efficiency. This entails utilizing a methodical systems approach supported by custom-designed management tools so that the most cost-effective options, that allow the facility to operate at its highest production, potential are identified and designed for.

The skill set required to achieve such cost-optimized solutions draws on the core strengths of the GATE Energy Asset Management team including:

  1. Integration of the engineering efforts and interface management from production facilities through pipeline terminals is accomplished by the centralized multi-discipline team.

  2. Work by the functional groups at the facility is coordinated to eliminate the duplicate efforts and isolated applications. Instead, we yield to interdependent coherent solutions by the knowledge confined in the centralized team covering the areas of corrosion management, fluid flow, production chemistry, process and fluid flow control, and surveillance and monitoring.

  3. Utilization of system-wide approach focuses on individual locations and components whilst maintaining awareness of the larger system around them.

Where We Apply Our Services

From turnkey to scalable, the services of GATE Energy's Asset Management team can be applied to the following scenarios:

  • Design, Installation & Commissioning of Pipeline Systems

  • Valuation & Optimization Before/During/After Asset Handover

  • OPEX/Efficiency Evaluations

  • Risk Based Condition Assessment – Remaining Life & Extension

  • Managing Unforseen Operational Challenges

    • Root-Cause Investigations

    • Identification of Rehabilitation Options

    • Remediation & Management Improvement Planning

  • Managing Data & System Setup

Our Process

Our Asset Management Plan will focus on four areas that are key to any asset. Each of these areas encompasses several services that can be provided on their own as well as together to encompass a well rounded asset management process.

Integrity Management

  • Risk Based Assessment
  • Direct Corrosion Assessment
  • Failure Analysis
  • Life-extension Evaluations
  • Corrosion Modeling, Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Erosion Modeling, Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Sand/Solids Management
  • Sour Service Requirements – Evaluation and System Optimization
  • Inspection Planning, Implementation and Management
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Pigging Planning and Implementation
  • Cathodic Protection – Evaluation and Optimization


  • Steady State and Transient Modeling
  • Hydrate, Paraffin, and Asphaltene Modeling and Management
  • Field Data Benchmarking and Model Tuning
  • Surge Analysis / Waterhammer Analysis
  • Liquid Management

Chemical Systems

  • Fluid Characterization
    • Sampling Tool Selection and Coordination
    • Sample Testing and Laboratory QA/QC
    • Testing Procedure Review and Development
    • Sampling and Testing – Operations Training
  • Scaling and Souring – Modeling and Management
  • Chemical Management Plan – Evaluation and Optimization
  • Health Checks / Audits
  • Surveillance and Monitoring – Planning and Implementation
  • KPI Development and Tracking
  • Chemical Testing and Vendor Evaluation
  • Chemical Injection System Design and Operations Review
  • Chemical Injection System Operating Procedures
  • Flow Control Valve Qualification and Selection
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Blockage Remediation

Data Management

  • KPI Identification, Analysis, Reporting for All Operational Parameters in One Platform
  • Reliability Centered Management Database
  • Integration of Data into SAP/CMMS

Objective & Added Value

Our objective is to provide comprehensive and feasible solutions through system-wide assessments that integrates inputs from upstream through pipeline operations. Through this process, we are able to:

  • Develop functional operating plans and management procedures.

  • Provide continuous improvement through effective and coherent data management, modeling and evaluations.

  • Minimize HSE integrity and operational risks to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) levels.

  • Apply informed financial decisions to establish the desired balance between CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Highest possible production throughput (highest capacity).

  • Optimize resource allocation through centralized engineering, data and manpower capabilities

Asset Management Team


The Asset Management Team will bring experienced personnel together who have trained and worked in multi-disciplinary projects with a focus in respective specialty services. Knowledge depth embedded in this team empowers the ability to shift focus and staffing alignments depending on the field characteristics and the Client’s operating philosophy.

The team is formed by experienced engineers mostly with advanced degrees and/or PEs in metallurgical and materials engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and subsea engineering.

With this team, we ensure that the:

  • Operator will have a dedicated and accountable person to keep constant and efficient two-way communication between GATE Energy and the Operator.
  • Information can be shared immediately with the team from the centralized source.
  • From gathering data to reporting and implementation of findings, experienced engineers are assigned.