Small to Turnkey Blockage Remediation

One of the primary challenges in the production of hydrocarbons is the mitigation and remediation of system blockages. The conventional blockage remediation approach de-couples the engineering and execution phases thus creating multiple silos between operations, engineering, and intervention companies.

The lack of seamless interfacing between the various stakeholders may lead to cost overruns, worsening of blockage situation in the field, damage to asset or assets, and exposure of field personnel to unsafe conditions. 

At GATE Energy, we successfully implement our systems engineering approach to break the traditional silos by forming a project team which consists of in-house subject matter experts, intervention specialists, project managers, and reputable equipment and technology companies through strategic partnerships.

This in turn allows us to provide a scalable or turnkey and fit-for-purpose solution.


Remediation Services

Our integrated teams of production chemists, flow assurance engineers, and intervention specialists have extensive experience and expertise in developing flowline blockage solutions. Coupled with our offshore execution project management team, GATE is able to deliver scalable solutions tailored to meet our client’s needs. From a simple flow assurance study to the full turnkey execution of flowline blockages, we do it all and we do it right the first time.

Engineering Services

System Assessment/Diagnostic Review

This step involves early assessment to understand events leading to the blockage which eventually helps in choosing the right path for the blockage remediation. The objective of the step is to narrow down the list of possible blockage compositions and locations.

Blockage Identification & Confirmation

Pipelines can be partially or fully blocked depending on the nature of the blockage and its cause. While it may not be possible to fully understand the nature of the blockage when it happens, it is possible to examine the characteristics of the produced fluids and the injected fluids and come up with a list of probable blockage constituents.


Blockage Location Assessment

Following identification of the nature of the blockage, it is critical to estimate blockage location either through conventional practices or advanced monitoring techniques. The preferred method shall consider field specific information and must not aggravate/interfere with potential future blockage remediation options. We have strategic partnerships with key technology leaders enabling us to use cutting edge tools for blockage location, if required.

Blockage Remediation Strategy Selection

At this stage, a list of suitable blockage remediation options available in the industry is prepared and the options are ranked based on the level of feasibility for a given operating system, the cost and time involved in remediation, personnel and environmental safety and risk to return ratio. The best possible remediation strategy is selected based on the consensus between the management, the project team and the operations team.


Procurement & On-Site Execution

GATE is able to provide a complete turnkey solution including procurement of equipment and service vessels for remediation efforts. Our engineering staff will be able to oversee efforts onsite with the ability to optimize the solutions in field.

Canyon Offshore, Inc Partnership

GATE Energy and Canyon Offshore, Inc. work together to jointly offer subsea blockage prevention, detection and remediation solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry. This alliance offers effective and integrated blockage solutions using GATE Energy’s flow assurance engineering and patented technical solutions, combined with Canyon Offshore’s world class vessel and ROV assets.

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Post Remediation Services

Based on project requirements, the post remediation service may include facilitating production restart, monitoring post remediation system performance, or preparing the line for decommissioning and abandonment. Our service offer extends beyond the blockage remediation exercise and can be customized to ensure client expectations are met or exceeded.

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